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Harry Potter: Re-imagined 

-Ginny Weasley

-Neville Longbottom

-Luna Lovegood

Why do I usually take acting jobs? Because no one trusts me to me to babysit, I dropped out of high school and I REALLY love truffles.

amberrosetamblyn Brunch with my best bitches. #sisterhood @preserve_us @americaferrera

amberrosetamblyn Brunch with my best bitches. #sisterhood @preserve_us @americaferrera


Theatre challenge: 5/5 quotes

++ “Halloween” — Rent


Theatre challenge: 5/5 quotes

++ “Halloween” — Rent



*looks at fictional character* nobody loves u more than me


i respect all ships

no no, except that one, that’s gross and you need jesus.

we are groot

"Don’t ever feel bad for making a decision that upsets other people. You are not responsible for their happiness. You are responsible for your happiness." — Isaiah Henkel (via miaoin)

         Grease (1978)
  “We have pictures of you so-called mooners. And just because the pictures aren’t of your faces doesn’t mean we can’t identify you. At this very moment those pictures are on their way to Washington where the FBI has experts in this type of identification. If you turn yourselves in now, you may escape a federal charge.”

All my life I’ve read about true love and fairy tales and Tia, you found it.

sleepy hollow, s02e01: official plot guide 



Season 2, Episode 1:  “This Is War”

Plot Guide:  Back in Sleepy Hollow, it would appear that the status quo has been restored, but things in the formerly quaint town are never truly as they appear.  Even now, how Crane managed to escape being betrayed and buried alive by his son, Jeremy (aka Henry Parish, aka the newly minted Horseman of War), or how Abbie freed herself from Purgatory, remains a mystery… even to them.

What appears certain however is that while both Katrina and Jenny have apparently been lost, the Two Witnesses have not abandoned their quest to fight tirelessly against Moloch and his minions.

Meanwhile, Moloch’s malevolent forces use all the powers at their disposal in an attempt to locate a key – once belonging to Founding Father Benjamin Franklin – which is capable of unlocking the gates of Purgatory.  After using his unique skills on an unanticipated prisoner, Sin-Eater Henry Parish discovers a clue which points him in the direction of the valuable artifact, but Crane is intent on finding it first.

While in Purgatory, Moloch works to raise a demonic army in preparation for his invasion, but those who would prevent the hoard’s advent get help from an unexpected source.  Meanwhile, we learn that Jenny and Katrina are both still alive, though each is being held prisoner for vastly different reasons, and Crane takes the inadvisable action of re-entering Purgatory in order to fulfill a promise.